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Mission Statement.

At ‘A Wilderness Way’ we are committed to providing creative child centred care packages for children and young people who are looked after. We believe that every child has equal rights to the highest quality child care. We provide each young person with a safe, supportive, trusting environment with challenges’ that promote growth, responsibility, learning and positive outcomes”.

Vision Statement

At ‘A Wilderness Way’ we aim to become one of the best independent child care providers with an outstanding reputation in both England and Scotland – exceeding expectations.

Our Values

About people – focused on achieving the best possible outcomes for young people and staff alike ensuring they meet their full potential

Communication – reflecting; open, honest , clear , inclusive, communication

Consistent Support – around the clock predictable, consistent, support to everyone ensuring; safety, care, understanding and unconditional positive regard at all times

Everyone Respected – everyone gets treated with the same amount of respect and differences promoted and celebrated.

Participation – providing fun, meaningful, participation opportunities to influence change and decision making, allowing everyone to make a positive contribution

Team work –consistent and skilled teams working together to provide high quality care, planning and programmes to suit every individual.

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