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Established in 2008, Boulders has grown and supported the South Wales climbing community for 11 years. Building on the success of our centre in Cardiff and the licensed model we deliver in Bridgend, we are on the cusp of launching a second site in Cheltenham followed by a third South Wales site.

Mission and Background

Boulders is a vibrant and dedicated team whose mission is to:

"Give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the benefits the world of climbing has to offer and help them achieve their climbing goals, regardless of age, ability or background."

Over the years we’ve seen countless examples of the positive effect of this, each of which makes us proud.

We believe this mission is particularly important today as our nation faces wide-ranging health and well-being issues, from mental health, to childhood obesity, to the negative effects an increasingly sedentary and indoor based lifestyle bring.

Climbing offers opportunities to stay active, be healthier and happier, meet new people, challenge ourselves both physically and mentally and get out and explore the wider outdoors. It spans age, ability and background and offers an ever evolving challenge and opportunities to explore. Indoor climbing is the simple, accessible entry into this pastime.

Start in your local centre with a friendly team providing all the advice, mentoring and equipment. From here, join our community and watch the adventure unfold.

Latest vacancies

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