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About EA Ski and Snowboard

Become a qualified ski or snowboard instructor and get a guaranteed job offer at your ski resort of choice this winter

EA Ski & Snowboard is the world's largest provider of ski and snowboard instructor internships and training programs. With EA, you will receive world-class training and get a guaranteed job offer at your resort of choice. Choose from more than 30 world-class resorts in five countries to learn, earn and train.


Turn what you love into a career and carve your own path with EA Ski & Snowboard.

Hear from our EA Alumni

I was unsure about my ability in becoming a snowboard instructor but the EA training program improved my riding and confidence greatly!

The best part of the program is meeting so many amazing people from around the world and making unforgettable friends and memories. Working at Norquay was the most rewarding experience, I loved learning something new everyday from every rider and teaching improvement session. It has been the best winter season of my life and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!” 

Veronica Phillips – Norquay  

"Well, where do I start, I have so many great memories. When I first got to Cypress I was so excited to be on the mountain, all I wanted to do is hit the runs. As our training started, I was excited and nervous to get out there and teach. I took everything in like a sponge, so when it came time to teach a lesson to students I just let it happen! My favourite experience had to be teaching the youngest students their first steps on the snow. The energy level is so high and the kids are so smart at such a young age. When you’re in your lesson or close to the end, you can look back and see how much they have progressed. It's very rewarding!"

Chase - Cypress Mountain, Rookie of the year


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