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Outdoors for All Campaign Launched

09 Oct 2022

British national governing bodies of various outdoor activities have jointly launched a campaign to ask the government to make access to the outdoors a priority. A letter sent to the UK Prime Minister makes three headline proposals:

  1. Fair access for all to the outdoors
  2. Better opportunities for young people to experience and enjoy the outdoors
  3. Investment in people’s wellbeing and ability to enjoy the outdoors.

The vision of the campaign:

"We believe that everyone should be free to access the outdoors and experience the health and well-being benefits of spending time in nature’"



The current inequalities in access to the outdoors are highlighted in a detailed report:

" ..the ability to enjoy the outdoors is far from equal to all. We want to remove the barriers that deter many people from benefiting from access to our green and blue spaces. Opportunities to get active outdoors and engage with nature should not be dependent on who you are or where you live. Our access to the outdoors for health, learning and fun must be free and protected for ever."

Three core proposals aim to set out a clear path towards creating a more inclusive accessible outdoors for all people:

  1. Firstly, fair, shared access for all to the outdoors means a more equal freedom to roam, on land and water, with more and better connected spaces close to where people live. Long-term investment for walking, horse riding, cycling routes and the expansion of green public transport would be beneficial not only for people's health, but also in reducing our impact on climate.
  2. Secondly, better opportunities for young people to experience and enjoy the outdoors must be a priority for future policy. There needs to be a much greater focus on the responsible enjoyment of the outdoors from a young age and the Countryside Code should be included as part of an outdoor recreation curriculum.
  3. Thirdly, greater  investment in people’s wellbeing and ability to enjoy the outdoors would promote good health, avoiding future costs to the NHS and helping to build a better quality of life for all. One of the key proposals within this theme includes a fund to be established to support local authorities to create, improve and promote green and blue routes in towns and cities.

The organisations who have signed the letter include: British Canoeing, BMC, Ramblers, Open Spaces Society, Living Streets, RYA, Disabled Ramblers, British Cycling, OIA, the British Horse Society, Sport and Recreation Alliance, We Are Cycling UK, Swim England, Mountain Training England.

Jennie Price, CEO of Sport England has spoken in support of the campaign:

"The most important aspect of this work is the impact it could have on the health of the nation. It could engage people to take part in outdoor activity, including people who might never go to the gym or walk on a football pitch but who will happily go to the park or walk up a mountain."

Download Outdoor for All from the Outdoor Industries Association

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