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PGL Launches Breakthrough Fund

22 Nov 2023

PGL have launched a "Breakthrough Fund" to give more pupils the chance to benefit from outdoor residential experiences at their centres. The fund aims to support children from lower income groups who might otherwise be unable to participate in this type of school trip.

Anthony Jones, PGL’s CEO, said: “Outdoor education shouldn’t just be the privilege of those who can afford it, especially at a time when more families are struggling financially... Every week I see children overcoming challenges that they never thought they could, whilst staying away from home for the first time without their parents. These breakthroughs are a life-changing experience that every child deserves and should receive.”


The Breakthrough Fund will support schools by ensuring that access to outdoor education is not lost when family incomes and Pupil Premium funds are re-prioritised to cover basic education needs.

It will offer a range of funding support, dependent on the number of families in need of financial support at a school and will vary from:

  • 50% of the total cost of a trip funded by PGL for schools with high level of students in need of financial support.
  • 30 free residential trips available each academic year for primary schools in need of the most financial support, typically those with the highest levels of Pupil Premium, usually accounting for at least 61% of students. PGL will support such schools by providing up to 1,200 free spaces a year.
  • Providing a range of funding support and free places for schools where the overall need for financial support across the student population is low, but, ensuring those children who do need support are able to experience the same opportunities as their classmates.

PGL has been running a pilot initiative throughout summer 2023, with the intention of launching the Breakthrough Fund to schools in May 2024. 

The new fund follows the launch of PGL’s new REACH educational programme, which has been designed with teachers to deliver character education and development for pupils, in accordance with Ofsted guidance.


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